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UPS Power Protection Products
An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a simple device made from electrical circuits, a charger, a battery pack and an inverter. These devices protect your mission-critical environment from electrical surges, line-noise problems, brownouts and blackouts. Without a UPS, you can be sure that utility power will some day corrupt your computer files, damage your hard drives or even shut down your entire operation.

New and Refurbished UPS Systems
Rectifier Charger, Inverter and Battery Systems
Standby Generator Sets
Power Distribution Units & Cabling
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS)
Rent / Lease Options

UPS Product
There are three basic types of UPSs: Off-line, Line Interactive, and True-On-Line Double Conversion. Depending on the nature of your application you may find a UPS technology that best meets your specific needs.  Read on to learn about the
individual UPS technologies or
Call 1-800-488-0589.

Protection for Non-Critical Stand-Alone Applications
Typical Applications:
• Small office • Home office • Point-of-sale systems • PCs and peripherals

Protection to Ride Out “Dirty” Power
Typical Applications:
Rack/Tower configurations
• Single & multiple PCs • Small servers,hubs & routers • Small to medium business equipment

TRUE-ONLINE double-conversion UPS
Protection for Essential and Critical Applications
Typical Applications: 
Rack/Tower configurations
• Telecommunications equipment • E-Commerce networks • Data centers • Telephone PBXs

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