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UPS Servic e & Repair
TCS specializes in providing maintenance service work to all major manufacturers of UPS and Generator Sets.
Smart UPS Service & Repair
TCS Service Plans can be used with any manufacturer’s UPS product line and it’s the most comprehensive service coverage in the industry.  TCS service plans prevent potential down times, and take steps ahead of time to prevent any catastrophic failures.

Our comprehensive services include:

Mission Critical application support and up time
Parts availability on all major UPS systems
UPS loaner programs
7 x 24 coverage and telephone support
Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual PM Visits
Complete understanding of building electrical emergency & standby power infrastructure
Generator Set, PDU, Rectifier/Charger and inverter service plans
C-10 in house electrical contractors
Dedicated Dispatch center
Harmonic Analysis of input/output power
Written reports and periodic load analysis
Installation Consulting & Site Positioning Services
Equipment relocation and expansion planning
Flexible Service Plans for any budget or application

UPS Maintenance
UPS Maintenance Contracts
Purchasing UPS and Power Protection equipment is only half of the protection you need, the other half is a good preventative maintenance program.

Planning ahead for uptime is vital for critical facilities. Your productivity depends on your service provider’s ability to protect your investment. Choose TCS as your future power partner and ease off on your worries. Without proper maintenance your critical loads are at risk.
Service Contracts offered on the following equipment:
Generator Sets
Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
UPS Systems
Battery Banks
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