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Rack & Enclosure
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UPS Rack & Enclosure Solutions
Rack & enclosure solutions are offered through TCS.  We support your entire data environment, including servers, networking, communications and storage devices. Rack-mount PDUs and power strips (metered & non-metered) are offered for single-phase and 3-phase applications.
UPS Accessories Accessories
KVM switches
Rack-mount LCD monitors
Keyboard and keyboard drawers
Cable management options
Fixed and sliding shelves
Stabilization brackets and plates
Blanking panels
UPS Whip Adapter Whip Adapter
Twist lock input plug provides seamless integration with multi-branch whip
Plug spacing capable of providing power for up to (3) low power racks
Available with 5-20, L5-20, and L6-20 receptacles to exactly match environments
UPS Rack Mountable PDU - RPDU
Rack Montable PDU - RPDU Infinity Series
The RPDU is a high-density power distribution system designed to provide manageable and flexible power to multiple racks in a computer room.  The RPDU works with any UPS System, Computer Room Rack(s) or any Power Strip(s). This revolutionary RPDU is available in 10U & 17U high configurations up to 33KVA.
Delivers up to 33 KVA of plug and play power
Works with any UPS System
Frees valuable computer room floor space
Reduces cost and minimizes installation time
Reduces conduit congestion under computer room floor
Offers flexibility for future growth
Provides advanced power monitoring at branch circuit level
UL Listed
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